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Top 5 Glute Exercises for Size AND Strength

Top 5 Glute Exercises for Size AND Strength

BY Tifani Esco

PUBLISHED ON Jun, 22, 2024

Top 5 Glute Exercises for Size AND Strength:

In this article, we will discuss the best glute movements that will increase the size and strength of your glutes over time while ensuring you don’t neglect other important areas like the lower back and hips.

Better yet, we will tell you how you can do each one of these at home, using the best hyperextension for glutes on the market.

Here are some of the best glute exercises you should be doing for more size and strength:

1. Hip Thrust:

  • Why it Works:
    • Isolates and activates the glutes effectively.
    • Works the gluteus maximus in its shortened position, making it most difficult at the top of the movement.
    • It's a highly effective exercise for glute hypertrophy.
  • Pro Tips:
    • If you feel this more in your hamstrings, your feet may be too far forward.
    • If you feel this more in your quads, your feet may be too close to your butt.
    • Use a barbell pad around the center of the bar to prevent discomfort on your hips.

2. Bulgarian Split Squats:

  • Why it Works:
    • Targets glutes and thighs simultaneously.
    • Works the glutes in a more lengthened position, ensuring that you target them throughout their full range of motion.
  • Pro Tips:
    • Experiment with your stance until you find a comfortable position.
    • Pause at the bottom before coming back up to ensure effective glute engagement.
    • Maintaining a slight hip hinge can further engage the glutes.

3. 90 Degree Back Extension:

  • Why it Works:
    • Helps create balance throughout the posterior chain by working the glutes and low back simultaneously.
  • Pro Tips:
    • Rounding your shoulders and upper spine forward during the movement effectively targets the glutes.
    • Pause at the top for an extra challenge on the glutes.

4. 45-Degree Hyperextension Glute Focus:

  • Why it Works:
    • Targets glutes, low back, and hamstrings simultaneously, making it an efficient movement for maximizing gym time.
  • Pro Tips:
    • Similar to the 90-Degree Back Extension, rounding your upper back can focus more on the glutes.
    • Most people are stronger at the 45-degree angle than the 90-degree angle. If you add weight to this movement, you can hug it to your chest to maintain rounded shoulders throughout.
    • Pointing your feet out slightly can also engage the glutes more.

5. Reverse Hyper:

  • Why it Works:
    • Strengthens glutes in their shortened position to maximize blood flow to the area.
    • It is also effective for bringing blood flow to the lower back.
  • Pro Tips:
    • Start with body weight to gauge your lower back's tolerance before adding additional resistance, as this movement can be very challenging.

It should be noted that for some people, the limiting factor in their glute gains could be their lower back strength. Prioritizing low back strength is essential to avoid limitations in building bigger and stronger glutes!

How to Get Big and Strong Glutes Without a Gym Membership?

You can perform all of these movements from the comfort of your own home. However, specialized equipment is typically required, and buying them separately can be expensive and space-consuming.

The Nordic Hyper GHD is the best tool on the market to perform all of these glute exercises at home!

And when you’re done, store it vertically to save space. It occupies just under 2 square feet of floor space.

If you are looking to upgrade your home gym or get started with building one, click here to shop the Nordic Hyper GHD. 

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